Please feel free to reach out to us directly for additional information regarding any of the services below.



    Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful Japanese energetic healing technique that is completely non-invasive and involves very light touch and little to no bodily contact.


    Spiritual Development

    We want to give you the best foundations for your spiritual journey. Our journeys have led us to amazing teachings, cultures and traditions and we would like to share it with you.


    Sound Baths

    Sound Guided Meditations, allow us to provide a backdrop for each individual for them to connect to their own experience through sound, frequency and vibration.


    Frequency Healing

    Combining the energetic healing of Reiki with the use of frequency tools such as tuning forks, drums, or crystals, helping to re-attune our body to a more harmonious state.


    Sacred Space

    A Sacred Space is an area we create that allows us to connect to a balanced and harmonious place between the spiritual and the mundane.


    Spiritual Retreats

    We hold our retreats in Southern California amidst some of nature’s most magical backdrops, allowing for both group activities as well as more quiet and individual experiences.