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What is a Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy can be a remarkable experience and an amazing tool for your healing journey. During a PLR, the individual is led into a trance state where they are then able to access and recall details of their past lives. There is often some trepidation or concerns surrounding vulnerability or the loss of personal control for individuals experiencing PLR for the first time. However, I can assure you as someone who has experienced these techniques many times before becoming a practitioner, there is nothing to be concerned about. Although you will be in a trance state, you will be awake and very much aware of what is happening around you. Every individual’s experience is there own, and should not be compared to the experience of others. The main thing to remember is that whatever comes up is doing so because it is what will be most beneficial for you in that moment. My particular technique also involves working with frequency tools to help heal emotional and energetic wounds at the point on your timeline in which they happened. This is a practice that I have been called to for many years now and I am excited to be offering it to you soon! Please reach out and put your name on the list for upcoming sessions.

    Jamie Dwyer
    Jamie DwyerCo-Owner, Frequency and Energetic Healer
    Jamie is an Empath, Medical Intuitive, and Medium, as well as a Reiki Master and practitioner of Frequency Healing. She began noticing a connection to and an ability to communicate with Spirit at a very young age, but it wouldn’t be until her mid-teens that her true spiritual path began to take flight. Now, with almost 30 years of learning, living, exploring, trials and tribulations, healing, and lots of love and laughter. She is ready to share her healing and experience with you. She offers in-person and distance Reiki Sessions to individuals and groups, as well as in-person and distance Frequency Healing Sessions. Together with Bear she performs in their in-person Sound Bath and Activation Sessions.

    Jamie has several certifications and accreditations including:
    1. Usui Reiki Master
    2. Kundalini Reiki Master
    3. Sound Healing Practitioner
    4. Crystal Healer
    5. Frequency Healer

    My Husband and I had the pleasure of experiencing Bear’s innovative technique, at a group retreat and I was in awe of how effective his Kuma Masatsu Shiki technique was to help me literally “cut cords” and address some inner emotional ailments. And his reiki session left me experiencing an insane sense of physical relaxation and inner peace that I had not had in a very long time.
    My husband on the other hand, whom I have to add is not spiritual in any way, experienced Bear’s treatment as a drainage of his physical tension and also gave him a very powerful glimpse of actual energy flow and charge in the human body, that is all thanks to Bear and his amazing work.

    ~ Jay and Simona S.
    This was my first session with Bear, and I opted for the Kuma Masatsu Shiki treatment. I did not know what to expect but it was very interesting. The only thing I noticed was a slight tingling in parts of my body, that Bear worked on. There was no pain involved and it was relaxing. When I was done, I felt completely relaxed and comfortable.

    Over the next few days I noticed that my knees did not hurt like they usually do and the difference was obvious to me. Other trouble spots in my body also felt better. I had less stiffness and pain over many areas of my body.
    I will be trying this again, especially if I can continue to improve. 

    ~ M.G.
    Aside from being some of the best and most loving spiritual guides I know, their new endeavor in the spiritual realm made me beyond exited. I treasure both their friendship and their teaching guidance tremendously.

    Recently, I had the pleasure of joining some of my friends for one of Jamie and Bear’s sound baths, and all I have to say is it’s an INCREDIBLE ENERGY TRIP. Together with their energy and the sound vibration took me on a shamanic trip of a lifetime. For one hour I spiritually journeyed and got the answers that I needed to move forward in life. 

    Some people go on partying, I prefer to go chillax and enjoy their sound baths and if possible all their future ones

    Thank you Bear and Jamie for fulfilling your greatest purpose with this and for being the beacon of love and healing thorough your reiki practices and sound baths xoxoxo

    ~ S.S.

    Jamie has always spread seeds of love and knowledge to everyone she meets and especially to the ones that suffer mentally, physically, or spiritually. I have felt her reiki energy on few distance sessions and also on a face-to face sessions and I was beyond amazed. First, of how powerful she is at a distance and how medically intuitive she is “feeling into” exactly what chakras have issues, or what emotional or physical ailment the person has at that time. I cannot even put it into words how she has helped me, in so many ways, with her reiki energy and her sound tools.

    ~ S. Suzuki
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