Distance Frequency Healing and Attunement Treatment

From: $50.00

With this Distance Frequency Healing Treatment, receive all of the same benefits as an In-person session from the comfort of your own home or any comfortable place, anywhere in the world.



Distanced frequency sessions are available and in large part are very similar to in person sessions. However, you will be able to rest comfortably in your own space while we work within your energetic field at an agreed upon time. 

We employ all of the same techniques used in an in-person session, but we also employ the help of an energetic chart and worksheet to help capture notes about what we encounter, what tools we used and any findings or messages that come through within the session. We may also employ the additional help of an oracle card reading during distanced sessions as a clarifier for any messages coming through. Any notes taken during your session will be sent to you directly afterwards via email or chat platform. You may also book additional coaching session and consultation time to discuss your session at greater depth, either at that time or at a later date. 

Just as with the in- person sessions, they generally last within 45 min to an hour.

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