What is By Sound, Mind, and Body?

By Sound, Mind, and Body is first and foremost a Sacred Space created and held by Jamie and Brian “Bear” Dwyer with the intention of bringing a safe space and sacred tools of healing to those in need.
​”It has been a long time dream of ours to unite those with gifts in the healing arts with those who are on their journey of discovery. We are so grateful to be able to finally begin realizing this dream, and ultimately, our Soul Mission of uniting a community built on the foundations of Healing, Love, Compassion, and endless Discovery.”
Though our main focus is our healing sessions, both in-person and distanced, we also currently offer in-person Sound Baths and Activations throughout the Orange County, CA area. In addition, it is our intention to begin teaching classes based on our various techniques and experiences. 

Our Practitioners

With a combined total of 40+ years of experience and education, the healers from By Sound, Mind, and, Body possess a diverse collection of healing skills and therapeutic modalities to address nearly any issue.
Jamie Dwyer
Jamie DwyerCo-Owner, Frequency and Energetic Healer
Jamie is an Empath, Medical Intuitive, and Medium, as well as a Reiki Master and practitioner of Frequency Healing. She began noticing a connection to and an ability to communicate with Spirit at a very young age, but it wouldn’t be until her mid-teens that her true spiritual path began to take flight. Now, with almost 30 years of learning, living, exploring, trials and tribulations, healing, and lots of love and laughter. She is ready to share her healing and experience with you. She offers in-person and distance Reiki Sessions to individuals and groups, as well as in-person and distance Frequency Healing Sessions. Together with Bear she performs in their in-person Sound Bath and Activation Sessions.

Jamie has several certifications and accreditations including:
1. Usui Reiki Master
2. Kundalini Reiki Master
3. Sound Healing Practitioner
4. Crystal Healer
5. Frequency Healer

Brian ~ Bear ~ Dwyer
Brian ~ Bear ~ DwyerCo-Owner, Frequency and Energetic Healer
Bear is an Earth-Centered Soul who never ceases to carry a beautiful, grounding energy. If you get the chance to see him in person, don’t pass up the chance to get a “Bear Hug,” which has been compared to hugging an ancient tree with a direct line to Gaia. Like Jamie, Bear also started discovering his true spiritual path in his early teens. Feeling guided by his Celtic ancestral roots he eventually became a Minister of the Ancient Keltic Church. However, he never stopped learning, exploring and blending different views and teachings into his spiritual practice. In 2018 he created an online community, Guardians of Sacred Balance, with the intention to build a safe, and high vibrational space for all to explore their path of finding and holding personal balance of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. Bear also holds a unique characteristic as an “Energetic Neutral,” which is the ability to take in and transmute all energy, no matter its current vibrational value. This ability lends itself naturally to a practice in the healing arts. Bear is a Reiki Master and has also created his own Healing Modality called Kuma Masatsu Shiki, or the Bear Grazing Method, which combines his experience in massage therapy, Reiki, and the practice of using crystals as healing tools. Love, Light, and Laughter are the hallmarks of working with Bear, and together with Jamie, he also performs in their Sound Baths and Activations.

Bear has several certifications and accreditations including:
1. Shamanic Healer – 4 Winds Society
2. Minister of the Ancient Keltic Church
3. Usui Reiki Master
4. Kundalini Reiki Master
5. Sound Healing Practitioner
6. Crystal Healer